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Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Answers

What does a typical morning in Sunday School look like?
We begin with a warm welcome and a few minutes to catch up on the week's happenings. Our Bible lesson is presented in an engaging manner and then reinforced through an activity or game. We go upstairs to the sanctuary at 9:30 to learn and practice our worship song / hymn of the month. At 9:45, we return to the nursery space to end in prayer and prepare for pick up. Please pick up your child promptly at 9:45 so that we can prepare for the 10:00 worship service.

What are your security procedures?

  • All volunteers are background checked. 

  • Volunteers are trained to follow protocol and understand emergency and evacuation procedures.

  • We fill out incident reports for injuries and notify the parent of any occurrences. 

What’s your check-in / check out procedure?
Bring your child to the nursery area for check in (located in the downstairs behind the Fellowship Hall.) Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete a quick form with your name and cell number, your child's name and age, and any allergies your child may have. We request that you leave your cell phone number in case we need to reach you during the service. To check-out your child, you will sign or initial next to the line you completed on the check in form. Once you have attended a couple of times, the form will be pre-filled and you will just initial at check-in and check-out. 

What is your health policy?
No fever, rash, diarrhea, or vomiting within the last 24 hours. No bad coughs or runny noses either. If you’ve got any contagious infections, like chicken pox, fifth disease, hand foot and mouth disease or pink eye, please stay home. This goes for kids and volunteers. 

Do you serve snack?
Yes. Children in nursery and in Sunday School receive a small healthy snack and a cup of water. If you have allergy concerns, please contact Bethany Booker, our Children's Ministry Director. 

What if my child has special needs?
We’re committed to providing a fun, secure environment for every child. Please reach out to Bethany Booker to discuss ways that we can provide the support your child needs. 

How can I get my other questions answered?
Call (207) 864-5251 or email us at

Volunteer Answers

What if I wake up sick on the day I’m signed up to serve?
Life happens, and we understand. But since we are counting on you, please let us know by texting Bethany Booker as soon as possible. Please attempt to find a replacement volunteer. A great person to check with is the volunteer on the rotation ahead of you.

How will I know what to do if there is an emergency?
Look for the Emergency Packet in your room. There are instructions for all kinds of emergencies, including evacuation procedures.

How can I get my other questions answered?

Call (207) 864-5251 or email us at

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